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03 455 1010

Vets@St Clair

Meet Our Team

Helen Mielnik  DVN, CVN

I have worked at Vets @ St Clair since 2002, I graduated from Otago Polytechnic as a CVN in 1999 and the went back to do my Diploma, I graduated from this in 2012.  My job is varied and i enjoy talking to the clients and developing a relationship with them and their pets and keeping Marcus in line.

When I'm not at work I have a houseful of pets to look after, at the moment I have 1 dog (Stanley), 1 cat (Tom - the ex clinic cat), 2 rats (Patrick and Jane) and 4 fish. I hardly have time for work!

When I'm not at work I enjoy:

  • walking / tramping, going to the gym
  • my animals
  • training my dog
  • reading
Marcus Wells  BVSc

I'm the guy that does the diagnosis and treatment planning at vets@st.clair. I'm very serious about the health of the pets that I care for but not very serious about life in general. My hobbies include:

  • Doing my kids dishes
  • Falling off my bike
  • Getting covered in mud when riding my bike
  • Eating strawberries before the birds or my kids get them


I have 2 pet children at home called Meg and Harris, as well as Vex (a cat) and a few chickens (their names aren't very politically correct). My children aren't very well trained, which is how I like them. However, Vex has trained me to feed him very successfully. He is named for an incessant and penetrating meow. He likes to practice it a lot but we all love him nonetheless.

Vex the insatiable